What a Load of Rubbish!

I don’t know how you feel about the following, but I wanted to vent a little about it, as it’s something that I feel is just mindless and lazy.

As children, (even pretty young ones at that) if we had any rubbish from snacks etc. and no bin in sight, my Mum and Dad always told us to hand our rubbish to them. Mum was probably quite sorry at times as if my sister and I had a few snacks to eat whilst out, her pockets were pretty full with the discarded wrappers and she became a walking bin! But, nonetheless she would continue to remind us, so we didn’t throw any rubbish on the floor. So, right through to our adulthood, we knew that to throw rubbish would be wrong. Even though my son is just a little toddler now, I’m teaching him the same.

Why then is this simple “rule” not something that everyone could use? Dropping litter is lazy.  Just keep hold of it, pop it in your pocket or a carrier bag or something and wait for a bin. On a walk the other day, I came across crisp and sweet wrappers, energy drinks cans, a couple of bottles and some carrier bags. Not only do these ruin an otherwise lovely public area but they could also be harmful too. Walls are not there for used bottles to be balanced on top. Hedges are not meant to be “hidey-holes” for rubbish either. The poor hedge at the front of my house seems to be deemed suitable for this purpose by some individuals.

Something else that annoys me is dog poo. I love dogs. I don’t have one myself now, but we did have dogs when I was a child. Getting dog poo stuck to my shoes or to my buggy wheels and having to clean it off is not my idea of a good time. I’m sure many dog owners don’t simply leave it on pavements etc. and instead use the dog poo equivalent of a nappy sacs, which is fine. What I don’t understand though, is that some people take the time to pick up their dog’s poo, put into the poop bags but then hang them from trees like some kind of Christmas tree decoration. Who do they think is coming to remove the bags from the trees? Perhaps there is some sort of tree fairy that will just magic them away?

I think we all have a responsibility to put rubbish and poo into their correct homes. Do I sound like a proper moaner, or do you agree?