Too Much Stuff…

I am a very sentimental person, there’s no doubt about that. I am not as extreme as “World’s Biggest Hoarders” you see on TV or anything but I do like to keep allsorts of little bits and bobs. Theatre tickets, gifts my nieces have made me (like a stitched blue felt cat, to which I incorrectly said “Ah thank you, a dolphin”), birthday and anniversary cards, wedding invites, drawings etc. I have trouble letting go of clothes too. Don’t get me wrong, I do give things to charity and recycling but I do also have a lot of items which just don’t fit me any more, but they are still in my drawers or wardrobe. I have a top that hasn’t really fitted me for a long time. I don’t especially like the style of it any more either, but I know that I wore it when my husband and I shared our first kiss, so it’s staying. I take it out every now and then, it makes me smile. It’s a bit silly, I know.

We have a small two bed, mid terrace. Everyone says what a cosy house it is, homely in fact. Perhaps they really mean “it’s nice but a bit on the small side” It is a nice little house, at least we liked it or else we wouldn’t have bought it all those years ago. In reality though, we have outgrown it. A bigger house, with a drive would be lovely. Amazing. Oh and a garage. Probably not much chance of getting a car in, but the exercise bike and rower could live in there. You never know, perhaps being a bit chilly would make us work out faster 😉

Before I had my little boy, we had a huge clear out, mainly in the spare room so this could become the nursery. Now we would love more space for him to spread his toys, a family room. Our lounge and dining room is basically his play room, complete with foam puzzle flooring as a rug :) The sofas and dining room table and more like just accessories around the toys :) I have given some toys to charity, some are now residing at my mum’s, some are in those big plastic tubs with lids on in the loft. The same goes for little man’s clothes. Outfits that were bought for him from family and friends that he just looked adorable wearing, also in boxes, perhaps to be used again in the future. Trouble is, the loft is now almost fit to bursting. Each year we have more of an assault course to scale to get to the Christmas tree!

The top and bottom of it all, is that we do have too much stuff. I should say “we” because it is our little family, collectively. I just find it so hard to say good bye to things with such memories. Definitely need to toughen up and have a ruthless clear out, including the loft (groan) and then think about moving to a larger family home. Which I need to try not to fill! x