The little chatterbox and the naughty words

A couple of months ago, my little boy had an appointment with a community paediatrician. I may write a little post sometime saying why we were there, as it may help and reassure other parents. We have another appointment soon anyway and then I will know more to share with you. Anyway, back to my blog post now. After the assessment, the paediatrician said that in a few areas, my little boy was “advanced” for his age, one of these areas being his vocabulary and social skills. This was obviously great to hear and made me feel very proud! When we got home from the appointment, I decided to list all the words I had heard my little boy say to us to date.. I was shocked to see there were 78 wonderful words and there may have been more. Not bad for 20 months old, I thought :)

In the last two months, his vocab has extended even more. Fantastic to hear him chatter away.  I’d like to think that it’s helping reading to him every day. We’ve read to him since he was a newborn baby and he just adores books. He has recently learnt some words that, well they are innocent, but the way the little man says them, they are really not. So, here are the list of words which make me cringe and try not to giggle:

Fox – pronounced “fock”

Coke (as in a can of!) pronounced “cock”

Walk – pronounced ” f*ck”

Funny – pronounced “fanny”

Is it – “Tit”

So when he is toddling round saying these words, like at a playcentre recently “walk, walk, walk” Some people looked in horror at this little boy and then others gave that knowing look – they have children too, yes they understood :)

We were out shopping with my mum and he points out a fox on a book cover. Hmmmm. There has been a few public outings now where each of the words have been used. Each time, I feel I have to explain what he is really saying. I don’t use this sort of language but maybe strangers would think I do. My little boy does have the face of an angel, a gorgeous little voice and not a potty mouth :) x