Some favourite toys of my busy toddler

Looking round our living room and the trail of toys, it really does look like a whirlwind has picked up contents of a toy shop and passed through our home. But rather than tidying the toys away again whilst my little boy is in the land of nod, I thought I would put my fingers to keyboard to tell you about some of his favourite toys. Toys that so far in his 21 months of life, he loves to go back to, again and again and probably will for some time yet. I’m gradually sorting through toys as he outgrows them and giving to charity, so some other little people can enjoy.

It goes without saying that stacking cups, Mega Bloks and Lego are also toys that are must-haves for many children. We are no exception here too. I wanted to list some of the other top toys that are a big success, so here goes:

Leapfrog Shapes & Sharing Basket : My husband was mortified when I bought this for our little boy. It is pink and purple and perhaps a little girlie, but does that really matter? It’s great for role play, learning shapes and colours and he does like to share with us and little friends that come to play. It’s a very jovial toy and my nieces who are 5 and 7 still like to play with it.

Vtech Baby’s Laptop : This was a hit right from the start. Now that he’s talking even more and learning shapes and colours, this toy is even better. He loves the sounds on here too. It’s not too loud like some toys so that’s a bonus 😉

Bigjigs Magnetic Train : A lovely set where he can build up the magnetic pieces onto the carriages and push along. “Choo Chooooo!”

Vtech Playtime Bus with Phonics : A brilliant learning toy. Pressing the numbers and letters on the side of the bus and copying is great fun and he loves having a little bop along to the tunes. It likes to go to the zoo, school and station and “somewhere else” If you have this bus already, does this make you chuckle too? :)

Galt Toys Classic Pop Up : This is a little wooden toy with 4 coloured “men” that you press down and they pop up. Simple, but fun, especially when released quickly and they fly out. He also likes to teethe on the little men.

Leapfrog My Discovery House : We have taken this lovely little house on many outings. He loves switching the light on and off, opening the front door and the fridge and learning the times of day and opposites. The bird song is very cute. Well worth the money for all the hours of play we’ve had with this.

Vtech Toot Toot Vehicles : We have quite a collection of these now. Great size for little hands, different songs on each and they can interact with sets like the Toot Toot Driver’s Garage, which is also fab. The tractor and cement mixer are his favourite and you can get these together in a construction set.

Vtech Ride on Alphabet Train : This was a present from Father Christmas last year. It has been played with every day and although only small, is very sturdy. It has music, a little book on the side, blocks that can be slotted together or “posted” in the train and it is great to push, giving confidence when he started walking.

Melissa and Doug Pound and Hammer Roll Tower : He has great fun bashing the 4 coloured balls with the hammer and watching them roll down the wooden tower, then watching mummy chase after them.

Crayola My First Jumbo Crayons : We’ve had these for a while now. They have been used plenty, trodden on, survived attempts of consumption ( !) and retrieved many times from under the sofa but still they keep going. Love seeing how his first scribbles are now turning into more shape-like sketches. We love colouring in cardboard boxes :)

Orchard Toys Push Along : We have a bee, a monkey and a lion. He loves for me to race these along the floor with him. They’re fab, colourful and fun.

Tomy Play to Learn Pick n Pop Walker : It comes with balls that can be fired out of the walker and then “hovered” up again. Firing the balls at mummy for me to try and catch is particularly good fun. We used the pop-up tent as a goal sometimes too.

Casdon Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner : Bought as he is rather fascinated by ours, this is a great mini-me of the real thing. It can even pick up little bits of paper! Just paper though, unlike the suction of the real Dyson :) I am a little worried about just HOW much he likes vacuum cleaners. I am assured by some other parents that their children are the same!

Books : Of which there are lots! Top of the list would be stories by Julia Donaldson, especially What the Ladybird Heard, Monkey Puzzle, Tabby McTat and Sharing A Shell. Dear Zoo and My Zoo by Rod Campbell. The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Anything Elmer, especially Elmer’s Weather. Guess How Much I Love You and Peepo! are also much loved bedtime stories.

Tidlo Musical Instrument Set : This is a fantastic set with sleigh bells, castanets, triangle drum sticks etc. It come in a nice box with a strap. I think I enjoy playing on these almost as much as he does.

Homemade rattles : When he was very young, I made a few rattles out of plastic bottles and put in buttons or pasta. These are still played with now and make great sounds. Maybe not toys for too much longer in case he somehow learns to open the bottles!

Hope my list helps if you are looking for any ideas x