Quick dinner, lots of giggles, sore balls and the lost car

Last night was such fun – although after an unexpected orienteering adventure towards the end of the night, my feet are feeling sorry for themselves today! :) I had a night out with a mummy friend to see the comedienne Miranda. After a quick but yummy pub dinner, lots of catching up to do in the car on the way to Manchester meant we didn’t hear some of the directions the chatty TomTom was telling us. Possibly because we were a little distracted we happily turned off the main road as instructed by the man in the bright yellow jacket and the signs showing “arena parking.” His description of the arena being “8 or 9 minutes away” was, basically a big fat lie.. that is unless you power walked. At least we weren’t the only people to be attracted by the “we’re on the arena’s doorstep” parking. So we were all on a mission to get there before 8pm…All excited and all also needing to wee.

We managed to get to the arena with 5 minutes to spare. You know it’s going to be a good gig when “I am the One and Only” blasts around the almost sold out arena. Miranda was very funny with some hilarious relatable sketches, especially the one about sweep browsing in shops. Yes, I definitely do that! And her tales of toddlers and trumping made for some much needed laughter with the added bonus of some singing and dancing too! Go and see her if you can :) After the show, we left the area via a different exit. This was bound to end in trouble. Why oh why do I not pay more attention when parking the car? We could not find where on earth we had parked. After an hour… yes, a whole hour of walking around Manchester, getting increasingly worried, we found the car.. a lovely sight when we finally got there!  My feet are really not made for walking in big heels. Today, I have a blister the size of a 10p piece on my right foot. Ouch! Ah well, it was a great night with lots of laughs and some adult conversation and maybe I can look forward to a foot spa treatment for mother’s day?  Looking at the state of my feet, I think I need one x

My poor foot