I am a Mean or Careful Mummy?

I worry about the amount of sugar my little boy has in his life. After all, he’s sweet enough :) He does have some sweet treats like cake, chocolate or biscuits but not every day and not in big portions. Conscious about the amount of chocolate he could receive from family for Easter, I bought him a lovely Bigjigs Toys wooden xylophone, a couple of tops for summer and two Topsy and Tim books. I did also pick up a few small chocolate bunnies from M & S and of course a little Lindt bunny, but that was it regarding chocolate. I am maybe a bit mean, but look at how much fun he’s having with the xylophone, and he will continue to enjoy playing long after the chocolate has been gobbled up.

Easter xylophone

He drinks water, just plain old water, which is great. I have offered it with some pure juice added just for a bit of something, but he just turns his nose up at it anyway. I’m happy that he will drink plain water as I know that the cordials can be loaded with sugar. I’m also careful on the amount of tomato ketchup he has at meal times. He does love a bit to dip in!

Easter time has probably been the most sugar he has eaten so far. We had a little family Easter egg hunt in our local country park. It was great fun! We were trying to share out the eggs and chocolate bars between my three nieces. My sister and I were launching the eggs and then hinting to the children that they may want to look behind us as the Easter Bunny had been there:) It was little man’s 2nd Easter and as he was now walking he could join in the hunt too. His cousins, at ages 5 and 7 were now experienced egg hunters and were showing him the ropes. He was more interested though in picking up many sticks of all sizes (which he called “Stick Man”), digging and playing with the football we took with us.

Egg hunting

Fast forward one week and now the little man says “choc bunny” at breakfast. He has gone from being mildly interested in chocolate to being well aware of its yumminess. He licks the chocolate a bit first, really savours it and then makes the cutest little noises whilst he bites off those little bunny ears. We are gradually working our way through the goodies. Look at his little face below after finishing a mini choc bunny :)

Mmm choc bunny

I think it’s a tricky balance of allowing some chocolate treats but like many things, all in moderation. I’m sure he won’t mind too much if I help out with the eating. After all, there’s a huge white chocolate Thornton’s egg to polish off yet! It keeps calling to me in the kitchen x