Lots of Lovely Bubbles All For Me

No, not the champagne variety, but a lovely deep bubble bath, just for me. I’ve just hopped out of the treat complete with scented candles, ran for me by my husband. I only have a bath now and again. Don’t worry, I’m not smelly or anything, just that I prefer showers really, but the occasional bath is nice. It feels almost a little self indulgent since having my little boy.

To be honest having a bath usually reminds me of my rather epic latent phase of labour. I had LOTS of baths then at the advice of my midwife. She was right though. Having a bath did help with the pain, especially using a jug and pouring the warm water over my bump. Tonight, I was not back in labour, but just having a lovely long soak, till I got all wrinkly. My husband had placed my razor down the other end of the bath where I could reach. I did laugh at this potentially subtle way of telling me my legs may be requiring some attention. They were a little stubbly!

Anyway, little man is fast asleep and now I feel all relaxed too. Off to get a drink and have a cuddle on the sofa with my husband. It’s these little thoughtful things that are still so precious x