A Little Poem from 9 Months

I thought I would share this with you. I wrote it when my baby boy was just 9 months old. It’s quite soppy, but I wrote it one night when I was feeling particularly emotional…

At the end, our labour was not quite as planned,
But all would work out ok,
We kissed and held you skin to skin,
You took our breath away (and showed your affection with a little poo)
You are so loved, my beautiful blue eyed boy,
You’re so very often happy and occasionally coy (or you pretend you little monkey)
Each day is an adventure,
We find out something new,
Sometimes I stop and wonder who is entertaining who (with silly noises and faces)
It’s sometimes scary being your mummy, questioning what’s right and best for you,
But I hope you’ll always be patient if I make a mistake or few (or lots)
You’re only 9 months old but so many stories made so far,
Like when only weeks old & an emergency M56 feed in mummy’s car (on the hard shoulder, police appeared)
First smiles, giggles, rolls and babbles,
We have photos and recordings,
Mummy posts them daily on Facebook,
Hopes others don’t find them boring (well you don’t have to look at them anyway :-) )
Making memories every day,
I hope we’ll always treasure,
You are my baby now, and my gorgeous son forever

Love you baby boy. Right up to the moon..and back.