Light of Our Lives

I had a meeting this morning so my lovely Mum looked after my little boy. I was made up to call them as soon as I was out of the meeting and to hear what they were up to. All had been fine and they were having lots of fun and games. Of course, a few “mikky bar” buttons were involved too :)

It’s so wonderful to watch the two of them together. They absolutely adore each other and there are always so many infectious giggles. He was the first grandson for my mum and I know they share an extra special bond. You see, my Mum’s first baby was a beautiful blue eyed boy too, but so very sadly left this earth as an angel when he was just 23 months old. He had a tumour which spread from behind his eyes to his liver. He fought but was just too poorly.

I can’t imagine how painful it was and still must be to this day for my Mum and would be for my Dad too. My brother would have been celebrating his 40th birthday this month. I don’t always know whether to talk about it all with my Mum. We do sometimes look through photographs and keepsakes and talk about happy times but I do think it is still so hard. How do you ever accept losing a child?

My little man really is a shining star. My Mum always says he is the “light of her life”  I hope that despite the sadness, that he does brighten those darker days for my Mum and bring her all the happiness she deserves. Feeling so very grateful to be a Mummy and to have my Mum to share the joy that is my little boy x

Nanna and Little Man