First Wellies, Fresh Air and Things for Free

My little boy only started walking in January, aged 20 months. He took his first real steps on his daddy’s birthday  – what an extra special present it was for him! I caught it on video too :) So pleased to have them to look back on.

As my little monster hasn’t been walking for too long and as he has a weakness in his ligaments in his feet, I’ve been holding off buying him a pair of wellies. I was worried about the amount of support for his little feet and would his growing confidence take a knock if he stumbled and fell. As he’s been doing so well and after getting the go ahead from the physiotherapist earlier this week, we nipped to Clarks and purchased his first pair of wellies. His daddy’s instructions were that they had to be red ones. Unfortunately no red ones were in stock. There were, however some shiny blue ones or some cute, comfy looking dinosaur ones.. and they had his size, a 4.5G. It had to be those. We tried them on and they were a big Stompasaurus hit!

The wellie’s first outing was during a fabulous afternoon at Cheshire Ice Cream Farm. We’ve been several times now and love it there. There are plenty of things to do and fantastic that it’s free to park and to get in. Lots of fun had, both indoors and out. The wellies and their proud owner very much enjoyed playing in the sand pit and toddling round the grounds and getting approving smiles from strangers, including a woman who said to her partner “Ahhh have you seen his wellies? I had a pair of frog ones when I was little” I remember those too!

We had another lovely afternoon out today in a local country park. I feel very lucky that we have some beautiful countryside on our doorstep. It’s £1.50 to park, but today the machine was out of order so I decided to treat myself to a cappuccino and a delicious flapjack from the snack van :) Both fed and watered, today’s mission: to find some puddles and puddles we found : lots of them :) Each time, they were met with gorgeous giggles and “more puggles peeease” My beautiful happy little boy was just delighted stomping and splashing about and the muddy puddles were his favourite :)

Really love that we had some rosy cheeks after a bit of exercise and some fresh air. Also lovely that little man is getting his confidence walking and enjoying having new adventures. An added bonus was that we didn’t have to spend much money at all for such a lovely weekend x