Afternoon tea for two and a half

My lovely mum will be turning 65 years young this weekend so as a little pre-birthday and Mother’s Day surprise treat, I booked for us to have a yummy afternoon tea. Accompanying us was the little man, who just always brightens my mum’s day. We chose the “classic” afternoon tea from the menu. I’m not too great on all the different tea blends, so I went for a Ceylon and it was a good choice. This was a little pot of tea that I did actually manage to finish and before it went cold too!

A lovely cuppa

 What is it about those carefully cut sandwiches, fancy cakes and of course warm scones served with jam and super thick clotted cream, that is just so delicious and satisfying? It must be something about the presentation too that makes it feel extra special. I loved Alice in Wonderland as a child, so perhaps I love the idea of a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party? :) The tea room where we went is keen to use all local produce and could name who made each of the items on the beautiful stand. A nice touch!

I’m sorry to say, that I am pretty clumsy. It’s probably not ideal then that our afternoon tea was served on delicate china or that we were seated at a table next to a display cabinet of the stuff AND with a curious toddler (cue, me moving the high chair as far away as poss from said display cabinet). He’s a pleasure to take out and about and I’m really hoping this is always the case. I’m a bit anxious about an almighty meltdown in the middle of a busy public place! He’s a good boy most of the time, but as he saw the mirrors and crockery was quite interested and I was nervous he would be into them if he could. He was happily eating his gingerbread, raisins and strawberries when our stand was brought out. He shouted very loudly “Mmmm cake!” much to the amusement of the room.

The cake stand

  Strawberries finished and after a banana eaten at breakfast, the inevitable happened. My little man decided to announce “pooo” in what was a very busy tea room. Great that he has recently started letting me know when he has filled / is in the process of filling his nappy. On our way to the baby change, little man was doing that noise that you know means a number two is, all but reluctantly on it’s way. I smiled and encouraged our exit from the tea room :)

Anyway, we polished off all our afternoon tea.  Well, apart from some salad leaves on the bottom tier. It was absolutely lovely. Each of the cakes and sandwiches full of their own little flavours and so elegantly presented, only for us to demolish :) How were we so full? Was it the tea? Was it all the sugar in those naughty cakes? We weren’t sure but we are looking forward to our next trip to tea with Alice x

Pretty carrot cupcake